NPL Phase 2 Relegation Complete!

POSTED BY OGN Esports June 24, 2019


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NPL Phase 2 Relegation is finally complete! After 2 days of intense fighting, it was clear that every team wanted to move forward to NPL Phase 3. As this is true, some teams wanted it more than others. Through sheer determination and skill, check out the image below to see who made it!

Congrats to Soniqs, Simplicity, Shook, Lowkey Esports, Zenith Esports, and Vicious Gaming on moving forward to Phase 3!

Before we heading over to Phase 3, Here’s something that you should know:

– Of these six teams, Simplicity is the only team from Phase 2 retained their spots.

– Vicious Gaming was relegated in Phase 1 but back again for redemption in Phase 3

– There’s still a chance for these teams to move forward to the PUBG Global Championship! Here’s how:

1. Points in Phase 3 will be higher, giving everyone a chance to accumulate points. But in order to participate in the PGC, they must get enough to be in Top 5.
2. If the team ends in 1st or 2nd place in Phase 3, they are qualified to participate in PGC regardless of their current points. The remaining 3 spots will be filled according to the points given.

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