OGN Super Arena is the FIRST Battle Royale-dedicated arena in North America, and is the new home for the headquarters of all things OGN in America. The OGN Super Arena is a 35,000 square foot studio located in the heart of Manhattan Beach Studios, located in Manhattan Beach, California.

Built for Battle Royale titles including but not limited to PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, Fortnite, Call of Duty, and more, the facility is also entirely modular and can be adapted to host the most popular MOBA games, mobile esports titles, and much more.

The OGN Super Arena was built to change the game of Esports as we know it, and to bring a new level of esports competitions to North America.


Fans will feel the sense of magnitude as they walk into the lot. Once inside the studio, they will be immersed in the world of esports. Exclusive merchandise, fan experiences, and North America’s largest LED screen create interactive and memorable experiences for the community to share.



Setting out to be an Immersive experience, the Super Arena contains a 270 degree LED wall. It’s capable of fitting five 4k feeds with space remaining for graphics such as a logo placements.

LEDs are also located on the stage floor as well as the players desk. This allows the screens son the wall, floor, and desks to be utilized as one plane of view or as three individual video planes depending on the event. 

We regular host top teams at our elite tournaments.  In 2019 alone we hosted PUBG, Clash Royale League, and Summoner’s War.

Interested in our OGN Super Arena? Contact us at admin [at] ognesports.com!