NPL Royale Results: Tempo Storm Dominates The Battlefield

POSTED BY OGN Esports March 9, 2019


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The first NPL Royale has came and went, as the NPL and NPLC teams came together once more to battle it out for an $80,000 prize pool over the course of 3 days! Competition was fierce as NPL Teams Tempo Storm, Cloud9, eUnited, Vicious Gaming, and Shoot To Kill all showed up in force, but a very surprising new addition to the NPLC, Team Overconfident, outperformed some of their pro brethren as they took 3rd place overall with a take-home prize of $10,000! Check out the breakdown of the prizing below:

Team Points Kills Prize
Tempo Storm 60 36 $40,000
Cloud9 39 24 $20,000
Overconfident 35 13 $10,000
eUnited 27 17 $5000
Vicious Gaming 26 17 $3000
Shoot to Kill 22 16 $2000

Overall, Tempo Storm once again took the cake and the $40,000 first place prize, bringing their total winnings thus far in the NPL Phase 1 to $90,000! Congrats to the team, and we’re looking forward to more great matches as we continue on with the NPL Phase 1 season beginning with Week 4 starting Friday, March 1 at 5:00PM PST! See you there!