OGN Brings Augmented Reality Technology to PUBG Broadcasts

POSTED BY OGN Esports October 5, 2018


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OGN, the leader in Esports broadcasting and technology, has brought the world of Augmented Reality into broadcasts of the PUBG Korea League.


Imagine: the beginning of a PUBG match, with a bird’s eye view of all the competitors at their gaming stations. Then, a neon overlay appears overhead, with a full 3D rendering of the battlefield and airplane flying overhead that houses all the player’s in-game characters ready to deploy into the sky.

OGN is pioneering a new way to experience Esports competitions. See for yourself in this broadcast of the PUBG Korea League (PKL) on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/OGN.Global/videos/1067464673427375/


Are you ready for the future of Esports broadcasts?


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